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sophicu is more than a professional development program dedicated to providing a unique learning experience in the format of seminars, webinars or interactive panel discussions.

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WEBINAR or live.

Very experienced and specialized speakers to educate and work with you.

What's New

SR&ED for Cannabis Sector – Video | Presentation | PD Certificate

Wed, Nov 24, 2021

SR&ED, the Basics – Video | Presentation | PD Certificate

Upcoming Events for February 2022

Thu, February 3, 2022

3:30 – 4:30 p.m. EDT

1 CPD Hours

SR&ED for Medical Sector & MPCs

Speaker: Julie Bond, the "SR&ED Whisperer"

Thu, February 24, 2022

12:00 – 1:30 p.m. EDT

9 CPD Hours

Dynamic Leadership Performance

  • A 90-minute weekly Zoom gathering over 6 weeks led by two
    seasoned trainers

  • 6 high-impact modules focussed on the characteristics you'll need to up your performance in key areas of leadership

  • A focus on practical tools and models you can apply immediately

  • Peer coaching and learning

Module 1: Introduction to Self-Leadership

Self-leadership and self-awareness are critical elements for leaders. Understanding who you are and the characteristics of a strong self-leader will equip you to lead with self-awareness, authenticity and boldness.

Trainers: Doreen Harvey, Marla Konrad


The sophicu advantage


sophicu is more than a professional development program dedicated to providing a unique learning experience in the format of seminars, webinars, or interactive panel discussions. Our vision is to allow professionals to exchange ideas and generate business for each other. Target subjects are in estate planning, trusts, succession planning, owner/manager issues, capital structures and real estate.

Our mission is to meet our professional development obligations and connect sponsors, speakers and attendees for the purpose of business development.

The questions we asked ourselves:

  • Why do speakers present? They want to impart knowledge, but also their business development.

  • How are sponsors involved? Much like speakers, they may want to present or market their services. 

  • What do attendees want? They want their PD hours, they want to learn, they want expert resources, they want to improve their operations and ultimately it ties into their own financial performance.

  • What does sophicu want? The same as what speakers, sponsors and attendees want.

What will our focus be? We’ve always believed tax, money and communication are critical areas to be focused on.

  • Tax in the sense that all companies, owners, employees are looking for ways to minimize tax obligations. It’s not always the most highlighted topic by CFO’s, but in the background is always closely scrutinized.

  • When we refer to money, we think of capital structures, equity, debt and funding.

  • Communication is about leadership, management and execution, the soft skills that turn the technical knowledge into success.


So how can sophicu assist in this journey?

First, on PD compliance! This focus is on core knowledge to meet our professional responsibilities. Here we’ve partnered with GTAAFN, a leading professional organization in Canada.

Second, when it comes to financing we want to introduce you to a network of funders, whether it be debt or equity. There are multiple debt structures such as conventional mortgages or loans, subdebt, high yield debt, asset based lending and cash flow lending. Equity can be straight share issuance, convertible debt or convertible preferred shares or other derivates such as warrants and options.

In terms of your capital structure, you also want to understand the accounting implications since it can impact loan covenants.

Finally, leadership, strategy, marketing, and sales are some of the skills we will endeavour to present to you.

We are interested in all stakeholders.

Thu, Jan 13, 2022